Symfony Framework

I have years of experience with the Symfony framework. I specialize in application design, standardizing applications and version upgrades.

Application Design

The Symfony framework follows some very sound best practices. Among these are dependency inversion, reducing boilerplate code with configs, auto-wiring services, layered architecture, abstraction of external services and many others. I can help you utilize these features! Whether this means workshops or presentations on the various aspects, or getting involved in coding a new application. Of course I can also show you techniques for slowly refactoring an existing application towards a cleaner and more standardized structure.


Over the years I have done many upgrades. Over all major versions and from tiny applications to massive monoliths. Upgrading an application may seem scary, but it is always worth it! Being able to use new features, staying on top of security patches, and the performance gains are all good reasons to be up to date.