Feedback Cycle Optimization

Why are feedback cycles so important? Simple. Faster feedback means you do the wrong thing for less time. Smaller iterations are always better. Making sure you get feedback as soon and as reliably as possible means you can be sure you are building the right thing.

Feedback cycles are everywhere in software development and business. Starting from the lowest level, reliable test coverage, that executes in seconds, is a game changer for development teams. Higher level tests ensure core product functionality and allow more safety when automating releases. More automation of integration and acceptance tests means releases are less complicated or critical. This leads to faster, smaller release cycles, meaning less time to market for features or other changes. And the proper high-level business and performance metrics means you aren't just shipping awesome software fast, you are ensuring your customers love it as well!

Feedback cycles are critical to any software business, let me help you make sure yours are awesome.