Contract Development Work

I have over 12 years of software development experience. Starting with very low-level C, Assembler and micro-chip programming, then moving up to Windows development in C++. I later transitioned to web development, mostly in JavaScript and PHP, with some Python. I have always loved being a polyglot, transitioning between languages has always been easy. With a solid grasp of the fundamentals, execution details become less important.

I am a strong team player, with very good communication skills. I will always speak my mind and challenge approaches where necessary. Over the years I have worked in and led all shapes and sizes of teams, as well as working alone and remotely. I can view projects from a high-level business perspective or zoom in to fix that one line of code causing performance outages.

Languages Experience:

  • PHP: expert (10+ years)
  • SQL: experienced (10+ years)
  • JavaScript: expert (10+ years)
  • HTML / CSS: experienced (10+ years)
  • Python: experienced (5 years)
  • C++: solid grasp (2 years)
  • C: solid grasp (2 years)
  • Java: basics (1 year)
  • Go: basics (hobby)
  • Rust: basics (hobby)

Other Experience:

  • Server administration: expert (10+ years)
  • Performance optimization: experienced (10+ years)
  • Process optimization: experienced (10+ years)
  • Team lead: experienced (5 years)
  • CI / CD: experienced (3 years)
  • Data Engineering: experienced (3 years)